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October 13 + 14 | 8PM

“Ready To Fly” flourished on Texas radio with five singles reaching well inside the top 30 on the Texas Music charts. Most established artists would love to see that much success on any release, especially their first. The stories on the album were true and described his struggle with his demons and his readiness to put it all behind him and move forward. To everyone’s delight, his life and his determination to be a class artist ran parallel on a road to success. TJ was ready to fly.
The album also captured the attention of Troubadour Texas, a national television project, that showcased his story and music as well. This proved that TJ was a triple threat as he was able to shine on the radio, on television, and especially the stage.

The stage is the place that TJ feels most comfortable with his ability to shine as both a top notch player and a singer with a very distinct voice. Couple that with the stories and a main character that he knows all too well and you have yourself a show with determination and conviction that most national acts would kill to possess.

After the success of “Ready to Fly”, TJ was ready with a whole new set of stories and observations that he knew he was ready to share. “The Break” was recorded and produced in the same studio that had brought forth his last project with Bill Green at the board and is as solid as a rock. With broader instrumentation and intelligent lyrics, “The Break” stands as a natural successor to its freshman counterpart, “Ready To Fly”.

Both of these projects are proof that musical ideas can be new and fresh and can also be coupled with lyrical content that does not insult the listener’s ability to understand more than a backroad and a tailgate. In two words you can describe TJ and his music: smart and talented.