Media Opportunity - Kansas Crossing Casino

Media Opportunity

Feb. 27, 2016

Media Opportunity:
Kansas Crossing Casino + Hotel Slot Machine Unloading

Reporting Opportunities
Kansas Crossing Casino + Hotel will receive the first slot machines for the casino floor on Feb. 28th and would like to invite media for coverage of the event and to conduct interviews with Kansas Crossing personnel. Media will be given the opportunity to take footage of the slot machines being taken off of the truck. No media will be allowed inside the casino. Hardhats may need to be worn, and if so, will be provided. Additional reporting opportunities include:

  • The types of slots going into the Kansas Crossing Casino
  • The progress of the Kansas Crossing Casino as it enters its final stage before opening in Spring 2017
  • An insider’s look into the process of which slot machines are picked for the casino and why

Time and Location
Thursday, Feb. 28th, 8:00 a.m.

  • Northwest corner of U.S. 160 (U.S. 69) and U.S. Highway 400, south of Pittsburgh, KAN. Unloading will occur on the north end of the building. Media members will be greeted by team members at 7:30 a.m.

From West (Wichita): US-400 East to US-160 (US-69)
From North (Kansas City): US-69 (US-160) South to US-400
From Southeast (Joplin): Route 66 to US-69 (turn right) to US-400

Jeff McKain – Director of Gaming Operations, Kansas Crossing Casino
Carter Bair – Director of Marketing, Kansas Crossing Casino

Please Confirm Your Participation In Advance
Kansas Crossing kindly asks that you please confirm your intention to cover the event by Feb. 27th.